Overall, it was a chill day.

After the breakfast, we had a guide of Rancho. Rancho is basically a resort kind of place with a lot of recycling systems. They use plants and natural fruits in the area to feed the pigs, cows, or chickens. Then they collect poops or wastes from animals to use them as fertilizers to grow the plant. It is a basic but easy and affordable sustainable system for anyone. I  truly hope many other resorts in country side use this circumstance so everyone can benefit from it. The tour was totally awesome except it was little long and my foot just passed out. Oh and it make me feeling like I wanna pet a goat in my dorm. That sounds cool.

Afternoon was hyper chill. We just listened to the owner of Rancho, and pretty much it. We went to Yoga, which helped my body to get rest a lot. We will work on our projects and cannot wait for tomorrow to be honest. Bye!

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