Ok, Ok day for me.

Before I talk about today, I will just mention little bit about Sueno Azul, the lodge we stayed last night. It was absolutely amazing! They had pool, bars, fabulous foods and great rooms. The view from the room was nothing but wonderful watching birds and listening to the flow of the river right in front of the room. I’m really, really depressed that I stayed there for only a night. I wanted to enjoy everything they have more.

The morning activity was visit to La Tirimibina Rainforest reserve. The guide explained that the reserve has various butterfly species as iguanas, panthers and snakes. And I could not see any snakes again! It’s so pathetic. But I saw some cool dragonflies that eat spiders. The nature was great and I am really glad spending my morning at there, although it was tons of walk.

After the lunch, we headed to Arsenal Volcano, which erupted in 1968 and kept being inactivate for few years. We had hike to the closely top of the mountain. It was really fun to see how the biodiversity and environment change with difference in altitude and tempreture.

Overall, it was a fine day until we found out that room in Rancho was awful and we had to pay for upgrade for new rooms. Let’s see how ranch is great in the morning tomorrow. Chao!

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    Thanks for the positive comments on the visits. Glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately the rooms in the fourth ecolodge were not as great as in the previous ones (which were great!) and the upgrade was given as an option, and it was not mandatory. We would never ask our students to do that. Prof. F


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