Today we started the day out with a simple breakfast and then headed to a quick tour of the banana plantation and the factory that packages the bananas. It was quite interesting to see how everything was put together and what the process was.

The most exciting part of the day however was the bus ride. We drove on a path I wouldhve though was for motorcycles. The rain was coming down harder and for longer time periods, and started with no warning. I have gotten used to the sudden down pours though. The rain just added to the suspense of the ride. Looking over the edge and feeling like we could fall if one more person were to lean one way. Taking the scenic route to get to the Guayabo Lodge was really worth it though. We were able to get to these photo opps of rivers and valleys.

The weather up near the lodge is much cooler and tolerable. The rain however is coming down harder than down near Earth University. Along with the rain there is a plentiful amount of fog covering the mountains. I am hoping that tomorrow the fog will have blown away and we can wake up to a majestic view.


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