3 Reasons why this day was super fun

3 Reasons why this day was super fun

So today we left the beautiful lodge up in the hills of Turrialba. The descent was so beautiful and gave me time to reflect on the last few days. Of all the days so far, today has been one of the best because of three reasons:

Number one, as we drove down the hill to Sarapiqui, we stopped in two places, the rest stop and the fruit market. At the rest stop we were able to spot a sloth and that was amazing to be able to see a wild animal not in a zoo. Our second stop was in the fruit market and I loved going to the little local shops like that. These little shops reminded me of my parents’ small town in Mexico. It’s a bit like being home. Also as much as I have been loving our beautiful lodges I feel as if I am missing that interaction with the local people. Up in the lodge we did not have much to do other than keep each other entertained however being able to stop at this little fruit market allowed me connect for the smallest of moments with the locals. I think that we need more interaction with the locals because the ones that we do interact with are always helping us like serving us food.

Number two, today we were able to actually visit a place where the wildlife is protected and the rain forest is preserved. Again it was amazing to see the animals up close because any animals we see back home are trapped in a small habitat in a zoo. I also liked that we got to see animals that are very different from what we are used too like the huge bullet ant. It was incredible. Seeing all these things up close just made me think about my dad. He loves animals and the animals channel. I took so many pictures for him. This small moment of close interactions with animals made me happy.

Lastly number three, the banana plantation was very entertaining because of Carlos, our guide. He gave us so much information about the banana plantations in Costa Rica that I now feel like a banana expert. Although, I really enjoyed our visit to Earth University, I feel like I had some missing information. Now I completely feel like I understand how the banana is grown and produced. I know that the Dole plantation is not organic but I did like that they tried to recycle what ever they could. The best impression I got of them was their treatment of their workers. They seemed to be treated well even though they are getting paid less than the minimum wage in the United States. Carlos mentioned that compared to the workers in Ecuador, they get paid significantly more. Overall I came in with expectations of this plantation being a bad place because they were a big corporation in another country but I saw that they weren’t that bad other than paying their workers very little.

I am ready for our next adventure tomorrow!

Pura Vida!



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