Bananas are Pretty Appealing

During day two of our stay at Earth University, we were given the chance to visit the Dole banana plantation and processing center which distributes to Whole Foods. I mention thus because I find this particularly interesting do to the many locations of Whole Foods back at home. The bananas are certified organic due to the blue plastic bags which are used to cover the banana palm when first bloomed. The plastic prevents bugs and any damage to the bananas. When the bananas are considered ripe they are then sent on this trolley type thing similar to a banana train which brings all the bananas from plantation to the processing area. A large majority of the banana process is run by a kind of pulls system using chains and a motor which a worker rides and pulls the bananas on a track which surrounded the University. Once the bananas reached the processing area the blue plastic was removed by hand. At the bottom of each stem of bananas one is cut to inspect the ripeness of the entire vine since the least matured ones are on the bottom and the most mature on the top of the bunches. Following this check the bananas are then washed, cut, washed, cut, washed, snickered, brushed with a solution on the stem and lastly boxed up and sent out. The solution which is applied to the stem of the banana is to prevent the sap from transferring during at after transit. Prior to even being sent out to the market the bananas must be kept in perfect condition. No marks, bruising, missing bananas or any kind of imperfection may be marked as unqualified for distribution. One thing that I did not think much about was how green the bananas must be before being sent out. Although the bananas are considered ripe at thee plantation they are still a bright green, the bananas take two weeks to fully ripen to a nice yellow color during shipping and distribution. And with the new founded discovery that Earth University provides a large portion of Whole Foods banana supply I will soon be always on the look out for the Earth and grown in Costa Rica stickers which are placed on the bananas during packaging.

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