Quakin’ up a storm

& sickle Cell strikes again! Missed another day with my classmates cuz I couldn’t make it to the top of the hill?I had to go all the way back to the hotel and even when I got there I was still having breathing issues. I did get to do my presentation on the Monteverde reserve even though I wasn’t able to make it there. Afterward we all went to eat lunch at a wonderful Italian restaurant where everything down to the salad was amazing. I was in love with the pesto pasta I had as well as the lime sorbet. After we left we went into the town. I am clean out of cash. A girl is BAROKE! I did get many souvenirs and gifts for my friend and family too. I literally got almost all late Christmas gifts by now. Afterward we left to Quaker Marvin Rockwell’s house and he was an amazing person. Him and his wife were literally #GOALS. They made me happy and believe in love. I had so many questions about living in America, in Alabama during segregation but refrained from asking them because they not only had nothing to do with the class but was also might open an entire can of worms. We were able to go to the hot tub and have more bonding time before dinner and by the end we were all closer than ever, we even played cards till the break of dawn.

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