It was a shorter day compared to previous day, probably because it started from a delicious breakfast at 8 a.m. First we headed to a banana plantation in the campus. Plantations of bananas own an important role in Costa Rican agricultural economics. In the campus, although students were usually not allowed to work at there, approximately 250 stuffs were working at the plantation and small factory for the shipment of bananas. Many midlle-aged women were working at the factory. David was explaining how the agricultural production supports income of working class citizens in Costa Rica. The problem in any developing countries is lack of government’s support to agricultural producers like farmers or fishermen. Any supplement to agricultural business stabilize the country’s food production, trading to other countries, which often result significant growth in country as a whole. Coats Rican government invested a lot in coffee plantation, which is dominant business in Costa Rica. I hope they also subsided Banana plantations to create new dominant market of banana business in the country.

Departing from EARTH, we arrived in Guayapo Lodge. Oh on the way to the lodge, we had some time to enjoy a fabulous view of gigantic dam and water clean system. It was quite impressive to see how all water at the top of the mountain generate electricity to provide them in around areas. It was overwhelm g.

The lodge also has tremendous view to enjoy, but it might be time to go to bed. GN

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