A day in paradise

Today’s beach day was the best way to relax at the end of this trip. This morning we left Monte Verde early in the morning to catch our boat to the Isla Tortuga. The island is a biological reserve with a beach open to the visitors. This eco-tourism consists of a relaxing day on the beach with food and activities, while the forested portion of the island and its rich biodiversity is protected.

When I got to the island I was really excited for the snorkeling portion of the tour because I’ve snorkeled before and it is such a great experience. It was even more exciting because it was in Costa Rica within all the fish and coral and various other species in the ecosystem. We snorkeled around a very big sharp rock that our tour guide told us not to scrape ourselves against but it was hard because all the cool crabs and fish lived around it. I really enjoyed even just swimming in the beautiful ocean. I’m so used to cold crazy waters in California but the water here is like a lazy river. For being a sustainable ecotourism location, I did notice a good portion of small trash in the water.

Later, we had a three course lunch and it was delicious. I played beach volleyball with my teammates and burned my chest. We signed up for the banana boating and it was a blast! I went on with the guys and girls and when we tipped the boat the girls freaked it was hilarious. Overall it was a great beach day to relax and have fun. I was looking forward to this day since the trip started and it did not disappoint.

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