A New Way to Blog

Hey hey! I am Kate Yeash and I’m a double major in two self design majors in the Whittier Scholars Program. Throughout my experience in Costa Rica, I will be doing something a bit different. Rather than writing blog posts daily (like this one), I will be video blogging instead (I will be using a Canon EOS Rebel T5i), so I’ll record footage in the day and edit while others are writing their blog posts. I have quite a bit of experience making video blogs because I love to remember my experiences doing new things. Many of my past video blogs are uploaded on my main channel here whilst there are a few others here on a short lived channel specifically dedicated to video blogging (I prefer to keep all of my content on one channel, so this is not the channel I use any longer). Before making video blogs, I made cover videos of me singing popular songs, so those can be found on this channel as well. I was granted with many incredible opportunities that stemmed from these videos that I started making when I was only 14 years old. I’ve made two short albums of both alternative rock and country genres and those can all be found right here!

Video blogging will be a more enjoyable way for me to remember the experience as if I’m actually there, reliving it. I have experience video blogging already. This mixes my environmental major with my other major that includes filmmaking. I love being in front of the camera as well as behind it, and I am looking forward to getting my experience on camera.


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