*applause* for Costa Rica!

Above is Reventazőn, the country’s largest hydropower plant. Our tour guide, Adriana, told us that this one hydropower plant currently provides power to 525,000 homes and about 1/3 of the country’s population! That’s INSANE! Granted, the initial investment of the hydropower plant was $1.4 billion dollars that’s still such a miraculous use of those funds.

For the few days that we have been here, it’s been exciting seeing everyone work together as a community to reach sustainability goals. It completely blows my mind that this country is doing so much for their people and taking advantage of the abundant renewable resources they have.  I think they are doing this, yes, because of investments, but also because they are all are sharing a shared ideal for where they would like Costa Rica to be, where they would like to see it flourish.

It’s fascinates me and I have a keen interest in sustainability and that encompasses resourcefulness, utilizing renewable energies, and agriculture.  Personally, I grew up in a community that really valued conservation. My formative years in elementary school included education and awareness of conservative practices which I only realized was unique after I came to college. We would conservation educational poster contests and I won 1st place my 4th and 5th grade years, as a fun fact. But much alike our guide yesterday, David, I didn’t really develop an interest until I went to college.  I hate to admit my ignorance, but I had the same mindset that I didn’t want to do that for work whatsoever because in my head, it was considered the lesser.  In my community growing up, those that did a lot of agriculture work were racists, close minded, and “hick.” In no way did I ever wanna associate with them.

My perspective has changed over the years and I do very much believe sustainability, agriculture, and changing ignorance for awareness are important.


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