Bacon has never looked so cute

Today we woke up in our bungalow at Rancho Margot’s and had breakfast. We then were given a tour of the whole ranch from one of the workers. The ranch produces ALL of the energy needed and have strong values to work with the environment they thrive in. They try to have as little impact on the Earth as possible and try not to harm the environment in any way they can. There are about 50 workers and volunteers working on the ranch and about half of them live right on the property. All the trees on the original property before it was bought by the current owner was used as a cow pasture so there was little trees and other plant species living here. The owner bought the property and restored the 400 acre property with the farm, using only 10 acres for production and animal live stock. Today, there are over 52 species of hummingbirds on the property that survive off of the orimental plants like cat tail that attract them. They raise animals for meat and produce reasons for the restaurant and when they don’t have products they need, they try their best to purchase from local growers and sellers. They have a green roof system on most of the buildings that look like a garden roof that are able to serve as a cooling and heating system. They feed all of the animals organic food and plants, so their waste doesn’t smell and is reused for fertilizer for the produce!! Even the wifi works here using solar power, which i didn’t even know was possible! 

After the tour and lunch we got to meet the owner of the ranch and see his take on eco-tourism and why he runs the ranch the way he does. He was very passionate about creating awareness of the harm that humans contribute to the planet and how he wanted to create a place that could please its customers while fitting into how the earth was found and needs to be treated. It was inspiring to see how passionate he was about the people who worked there and being able to give back to the community using education of these green practices to the public. 

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