What a day What a day!! It was sooooo exciting!!

So we went to La Selva Biological station first. According to Jose, the park holds various species, especially insects. Other tourist group found a sloth chilling on the tree and everyone went crazy taking pictures. I mean, it’s just a sloth. It’s everywhere in the world. I would be happier if I found a puppy.

There were some beautiful butterflies, warm, but I have to mention about bullet ants. The guide found humongous ant on the ground and explained that it gave her the unforgettably painful bite that she never had before, which made everyone nervous about being on the ground. We barely saw a monkey called spider monkey, some pallets, and also a small poisonous red frog. There were bunch of species that I have never seen in life. I was kind a sad that I could not see any snakes in there. Ye I’m just a big fan of snake. For me it was one of the coolest places I visited in Costa Rica. The guide told us that they have half of bird species in Costa Rica int he park! I will never get bored in this place until poisonous frog or some random ants kill me.

Compared to EARTH university, the bananas plantation of dole we visited in this afternoon had bigger scale. We really enjoyed the tour with watching all processes of producing bananas. I used to eat bunch of dole fruits in my childhood so it was quite fun to see how they made them. Aaand probably we all liked our tour guide Carlos. He spoke A LOT about interesting tips of banana production in Costa Rica. He was dedicated to his work and had various knowledge about his area and agricultural business in the country. More than anything, he gave us a shot of Banana liquor!!! How cool it is! it tasted heavy but somewhat fruity and sweet. I really favored one and bought one for… later. It was totally a great visit.

Right now, I’m sitting on the couch of Sueno Azul, watching a fabulous view of lake and enjoying the sound of nature. I will talk more about this place tomorrow. Sayonara!

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