Batty experiences we’re having!

During our time at LA Selva, we experienced a few batty things. One batty thing was an actually bat through binoculars and the others consisted of finding a tree base ant farm along with being excorted through the leave trails while being mindful in listening for birds, monkeys, etc.

It was quite the experience! I was intrigued and payed attention the entire way, along with sweating and trying to avoid standing any ant trails while our tour guide was giving us a talk about what she was hearing, or trying to spot in the tree tops. Along with the vast amounts of biodiversity at La Selva, it’s incredible that there are these kinds of reserves allowing for these varies species to continue.  Preserving the uniqueness of anything, promotes future development of what these unique specifies can create.  It’s sad to think of what beautiful species we have forfeited due to our development in America and how we sometimes don’t think about how there is no such thing as “free lunch.” Someone or something always has to pay to provide that seemingly free lunch.

I am eager to becoming a more responsible adult as I move forward in life and that comes with filling my time with experiences that engage me in critical thinking, realistic advancement of myself/projests/organisations, and it also involves me becoming a more mindful person in my choices.  That also means in my personal consumption, ideally I can ellivate to a place where I know the life cycle of the products I purchase along with services.

Onto the next adventure!

P.s. sadly the neat time lapse I captured earlier is too big of a file to post.

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