Beach Day It Is!

Unlike the rest of our trip, today was a special treat where we got to experience a unique beach day! The only bad news about today was that we had to leave Monteverde at 6am, but with Beto piloting us there there was nothing to complain about ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of the roads that we took on our way to Puntarenas were amazing, there was one place where the scenery was simply astonishing; the clouds were just rolling over the mountains while the sun was shining through.

After reaching our destination in Puntarenas, I was treated to a lovely breakfast with classic Costa Rican music. Beto and I ate breakfast together while talking about different cultural perspectives, I really enjoyed that. Shortly after breakfast we were off to Tortuga Island, where our cruise Calypso took us to a private beach. The boat ride was nice and relaxing, I got to see some other islands as well.

Arriving on the island, everyone was excited for our snorkeling tour. On the island everything was portable. No one had put any permanent piping or wiring through this island, which made it feel as if we were immersed in nature for a few hours.

With lunch finished, I headed over to a small area where we would go snorkeling. I dived into the water and at first sight saw a large school of fish which was really cool. As I swam around the island I saw a more diverse range of fish and at one point I got lucky enough to spot an octopus! ๐Ÿ™‚ To have opportunities such as this one where I can enjoy myself while spending time with nature is what I live for. I love seeing different types of eco-systems out in the world and to come snorkeling here in Costa Rica was a real treat.

Later in the day, some of us all played volleyball together before going on a banana boat ride. Josh, Rin, Jake, Melissa, Brittany, Maddie, and I all joined in on the fun. Although none of us were volleyball experts, we had a blast and had all sorts of fun diving and jumping into the sand! To finish off the day I went on a banana boat ride for the first time. I slightly regretted this shortly into the ride as we were thrown into the water out of nowhere at a high speed. Yet, I look back on it and I really enjoyed doing that will all of my friends, I can now say I have banana boated.

With the long day over, I had some tasty young coconut water before getting back onto our boat. The ride back already had me feeling nostalgic about the time spent with my peers, and getting the opportunities we have been more than fortunate enough to experience while in Costa Rica. All in all this day was a fantastic opportunity to spend time relaxing while appreciating Costa Rica’s ocean and biodiversity. I thank my professors and peers for making this class so enjoyable and memorable. I am bittersweet about what tomorrow will bring, until next time.

– Jehan

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