Beeeaccchhh What?!

Today was the best/worst day of my life! I was in pain from the moment I woke up to just about the moment I went to sleep. It wasn’t great but we did do my favorite thing ever which was go to the beach. The day began with a long drive down to the beach and once we arrived we went to breakfast. I had no bathing suit & I don’t know why I didn’t think about wearing my top but I was the least beach ready for the day. The cruise ship was quite enjoyable though. Once we got on we were able to relax and dip our feet in the mini pools. They came around with drinks and fruit for us too. The ride was really calming, I am quite aquatic aside from my lack of swimming experience so I love the water. We took tons of photos and spent quality time with each other on our 2nd to last day together. As soon as I stepped off the boat I felt like I was in paradise. It was a private island that the cruise members basically had almost to ourselves. Made me remember exactly why I wanted to take the class, people were in classrooms back at whittier and I was having class on the beach. Once on the island many took off for different activities. It was HOT out! I remained on shore and relaxed. Dipped my feet in a few times. The water was so blue & the perfect temperature, not cold at all and sand was extremely soft. Lunch time came around and though the food was good I didn’t get the opportunity to eat much. I returned to rest on the beach. Thank goodness for professor Soto & Andrianna. I did get few pictures on the beach and in the sand. We returned to the boat and I took a great nap under the sun. I’m positive that I am 3 shades darker but it’s ok #MELANINPOPPIN! After we returned to land and got to the bus we were all exhausted. Something about the beach, though so relaxing, really tires you out. I took a long bus nap until we reached the hotel. We arrived back at our original hotel with the amazing wifi. Afterwards we had really bad pizza then went into our groups to work on our projects. Mine drive me units but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Another amazing night even though I didn’t feel good.

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