Bueno Volcano

Our day was full of excitement and thrills from the morning on. We got off to an early start, leaving our resort, Suena Azul, and headed to the Tirimbina Rain Forest Reserve. The tour guide we had at the reserve, Carolina, was fun and engaging about everything we did. Before our tour got off to a start, she told us we would be crossing one of the longest suspension bridges in Costa Rica, frightening most of our group! The first significant tree we saw was the walking tree, a tree that appears as if it has its own legs and toes, and moves. This forest reserve was much different than La Selva in the sense that this felt like you were really in the forest and immersed within nature. Our guide helped us spot a small bat just hanging above us, the bats live in small contraptions that they make by folding leaves in which they sleep underneath. All in all Tirimbina was a fantastic experience and we learned lots about the different plants, trees, and animals that inhabit the forest.

Our tour guides at Tirimbina


As we met up with the rest of our group at Tirimbina, we got ready to leave for our lunch stop in La Puente. I had a delicious fish wrap for lunch which was refreshing. Once we finished lunch we headed to Arenal Volcano, where we would go on a hike. Stopping at Arenal, we first took pictures on a small hill where all posed together. Together, we then hiked up a beautiful trail where the views were wonderful. On the trail we were walking on lava rock which was interesting, we also saw one of the first rocks that erupted out of the Arenal Volcano.

Arenal was absolutely astonishing, and probably one of most memorable moments of my life. Hiking up a volcano and seeing the sun shine through the clouds like that was just amazing. I look back on things like this and they make me smile, seeing the volcano up close, seeing the lake in the distance, there are only a few times in life when you get to experience things like this. Tomorrow we will tour Rancho Margot and I am excited for what is to come in the days in front of us.


– Jehan


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