Bugging OUT at Rancho Margot 

Well, finally I can get some sort of wifi and form of technology to work for me. It’s currently 11:00pm, and my peers and I are enjoying a nice game of cards against humanity. Sigh, what a day.

Today was quite the whirlwind of events. We started off the day with a lengthy tour of the jungle. I found that this tour happened to bring us more information about the plant life of the jungle. One of the more interesting facts our tour guide told us was that the worker ants actually support one another in the protection process of the colony. Apparently the big worker ants that bring the leaves back to the colony, work with the smaller ants, and the smaller ants eat the fungi off the leaves to make sure they wont infect the fungus inside the colony. Team work makes the dream work. You heard it here first. During this jungle excursion, we ended up crossing the longest bridge in Costa Rica. This was a very cool experience, because I got to conquer my fear of heights. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

After this we took an hour drive to the town over and got lunch at a very delicious restaurant. I got coconut breaded chicken and veggies. So delicious. After this we took a short hike to the Arenal Volcano. It was absolutely beautiful and I had a good time talking with some of my peers in the hike. 

Here’s a picture from the hike. 

Pura Vida! 

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