Catie-gorizing this day as AWESOME!

Today started off with breakfast food that was 80% recognizable in taste, texture, and was eggclentè! Following breakfast, we proceeded to the biological garden and international school, Catie. There we met with one of the research professors and he spoke to us about the school strucuture, student body, and worker composition.

I am very interested in sustainable developmentant and how that is implemented in community development so I was all ?ears!? After hearing the entire conversation, I have found myself eager to consider applying to Catie in the years to come.  I am eager because given the chance to do graduate studies at a school so small, concentrated,and placed in a setting that is diverse in students, professors, and experiences would really remarkably develop how I plan on engaging with various communities in the United States.

When the professor at Catie spoke about how they don’t currently have the desired amount of funding, yeah my heart felt a painful tweak knowing that only those privalledged in being able to secure resources on their own would be able to attend such a remarkable school, it also empowered me. I find great passion in helping others secure resources they need that will sustain them. I have experience in fundraising and plan to help communities secure the resources they need to flourish.  If my future puts me back in Costa Rica attending Catia, you best believe I will put forth efforts with the fundraising department to try to secure grants/scholarships for those who would really give anything for the opportunity to attend Catia.




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