Charades!!!! ALL NIGHT LONG….

Today was a very different day from yesterday. We started of by going to the banana plantation at Earth University. Seeing rows after rows of bananas being taken from the plantation to be harvested was informative. After David kept on giving more information on the plantation we actually went to the factory where they cut and wash all the bananas to send them to Whole Foods.

The factory was a fine oiled machine. Some ¬†workers pulled the fruits in, others washed them, others cleaned them, and others packed them. Everything was happening very fast and it was truly eye-opening to see where our fruits come from and all that has to be done to them Soon afterwards we departed for Guayabo Lodge. It was a long and grueling journey and many of it was on one lane of road. It was a very stressful journey that took about 2 hours or more. On the way there was so much wildlife like cows, bulls, dogs, chickens, and more. As well as more vegetation and green plants that I’ve ever seen. We got to the lodge which is small and quaint, but very homey. We had a very good meal consisting of a chicken wrap and chocolate cake. But by far the favorite part of the day has to be the Charades that we all played for about 2-3 hours!

This was such a great way for all of us to bond and we also had so much fun. Everybody laughed and got very excited all night long.

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