Chick en Costa Rica! ?

Today was a walk in the chicken park! We spent the day adventuring and exploring the organic farming that supports Rancho Margot’s food and partial energy needs earlier today. I enjoyed most how they found use of their space and what others would consider to waste. They even made use out of the animals’ manure and piss! What! Insane to think that they are able to make a micronutrient compost along with biomass fuels with those materials. It was also incredibly enjoyable to hold a baby chick and a piglet!!

After we ate lunch, we spoke with Juan Sostheim, the owner and founder of Rancho Margot. After an hour listening to his trains of thought; I thought it was remarkable as he seemed to be a fast mover in the self-sufficient lodge industry. As he spoke, I gained inspiration in how he decided to disrupt the market he was in and also not conform to usually standards of gaining a 12% ROI in the first three years. I’m a business minded person, and his approach was actually smart as he said to gain profitability isn’t reliant upon the numbers, but the approach. He has definitely learned from experiences and I am eager to see how he develops Rancho Margot in the future with his plans to make it into a larger village lined with more single family homes incorporating the space into a community instead of just an educational lodge/farm. 

Let’s all take some advice from Juan Sostheim, and decide what makes us better than everyone not more profitably and everything will fall into place. ?


Out for now,


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