‘Chicks, Pigs, and Perfumes’

(Fri Jan 13) the tour given by a man named Carlos at Rancho de Margot was probably the sweetest tour to date because we had hands on experiences to touching and smelling medicinal herbs and plants, learning the history of the Ranch created by the owner whose first name is Juan (Juan later on in the day spoke with the class as a group, he was a very natural, high spirited senior with the Valor of a true outdoorsman and leader). Carlos showed my tour group orchids – my absolute favorite flower. And we smelled root beer leaves, trees that repelled mosquitos and farm animals!! I held a baby chick and a piglet. My heart swelled with joy on the inside. This was exactly what I wanted to eventually experience here in Costa Rica. A real farm, with lively down to earth individuals who are all focused on making the people around them happy, healthy, and sustained.

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