Crusing in Costa Rica!

Today started at 5am, and didn’t stop until I was dead tired by 10pm. While on our way to the port where we would have breakfast, and apply copious amounts of sunscreen, the majority of the others on the trip fell asleep, but I was wide awake and eager for what the day would bring. After breakfast, we made our way onto the cruise ship that would take us to Isla Tortuga in the Puntarenas Province. Although it was only 9am, the sun was already hot and alive. After we arrived on the beach, I went with a few others to check out the gift store. I was able to find a cute little necklace and bracelet for my niece. Upon leaving the gift shop, outside we saw a wild boar/pig that I’m not recalling the name of that we saw a couple times while exploring the first biological reserve we visited. The wild life on this planet made it seem like paradise, during our time on the beach I also saw a parrot and a peacock along with having fish in the water come up to me while I splashed around!

It was very neat that we were able to spend the majority of the day there and got to experience some of the wildlife that inhabited the island. The water also was so very clear, so clear that you could see all the way down even if you were neck high in water!

Our time at Isla Tortuga brought us happiness, sunburns, and memories for a lifetime! What a beautiful day it was 🙂


Our last day is tomorrow and it’s bitter sweet, I’ll be eager to be in control of my days again but this string of adventures is a once in a lifetimes experience 🙂 so happy to have had it.



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