Dam, what a day.

After falling asleep a couple of times on the bus, I woke up to hearing Adriana talk a little bit about Lake Arenal Dam. The Dam was created in 1979 and was the first renewable energy project and used to account for 80% of the renewable energy provided to Costa Rica. Today, the Dam accounts for around 12% of the renewable energy in Costa Rica. What’s so special about the Dam is that it is used for recreational actives with doing its original purpose. Tourists and locals will spend a portion of their day there kayaking, wind surfing, or fishing.

As the day progressed, I fell alseep yet again between talks and awoke to Adriana speaking again, but this time about the wind turbines scalling the rolling hills on our drive to Monteverde. She mentioned that they collect energy during certain times of the year and that the wind and solar energies are the least funded renewable energy sources in Costa Rica. Considering this seaonality, the wind turbines don’t provide a majority of the energy to Monteverde or surrounding areas.

After driving and sleeping for 3 hours, we made our way to the best lunch ever!! It provided us the proper fuel before the majority of us decided to try out ziplinning in Costa Rica! After 8 different ziplines and ridiculous amounts of adrenaline later, I still wanted to do more! It was an incredibly fearless and free feeling to be able to zip through the air with ease! It was an experience I will surely choose to experience again.

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