Day 2: Earth University

I’m seemingly at ease. Laying in bed listening to the sounds of the rainforest as I write my first blog post about our day today…Just taking a second to soak in where we are and how amazing this trip has already been for me.

Today, we rose out of bed around 6:00am and headed out of San Jose to Earth University. The University took us along highway 32 towards the Caribbean side of the country. Somewhere just inland from Limon. We arrived on site around 10:00am, and started our day off right away. After a brief presentation given by David, our main tour guide, we headed to view the waste management sector of campus. It was interesting to see how they separated the trash, and what system they had in place for breaking down materials and then reusing them.

Next, we took a bus over to the compost and landfill section of the campus. This was all very well taken care of, and hidden deep within the campus’s rainforest. After this, we took a bus back for lunch and refueled. The next activity was extremely cool we were guided through the organic green house and farm section of campus. Here we saw some outside plantations and grow spots, as well as soil development regions. The rain began to pick up every so often, but really came down on us on this part of the day.

Our last outing was a trip to another farming area, where we learned about different farming systems for urban environments. They had pyramid systems, sac/water irrigation systems, and classic lifted box systems. Something cool about this part of the farming was learning about the substitute light soil they used. The soil is made up of charcoal, cacao bean shelling, and once other substance. This formula is lightweight and water absorbent to prove useful in simple farming.

The round table discussion ended the night, which is when we spoke with students from Zimbabwe and Ghana about different methods of implementing mechanized systems for agricultural development in their specific regions. This was very valuable for me to participate in because of my major emphasis and my senior project. I was happy to connect with one of the students after the discussion.

Well, that was our day at Earth University! Cannot wait to see all that Costa Rica has in store for us.

Pura Vida!

Maggie Niemann


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