Destination Costa Rica

Day 1: 

Last night we left to the airport around 8pm and were waiting for our flight by 10:30pm. Our flight was delayed 30 minutes…30 more minutes…an hour…we didn’t leave until 2:30am ?? but we’re inCosta Rica now! A group of us got to the hotel early so we went out to explore the town. We ended up walking around 5 miles and got back to the hotel by 2pm to get our rooms.

We originally wanted to go out to grab some food but we got caught up looking at the many different shops and vendors. I think we might’ve gone too far because we ended up on a street where the shops didn’t use USD and didn’t speak English (our guide said they would in the area we were suppose to go). 

The first place we stopped at didn’t want to serve us but we managed to order smoothies from the place next door. ? We walked back down to the hotel and finally got to rest & take a long nap ? 

Dinner was delicious & it was nice to meet up with the whole group. Can’t wait to go to Earth University tomorrow ! ? 

#exhausted ✌?

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