EARTH looks like a paradise

After two hours derive we finally made it to EARTH University! EARTH has only 450 students. But with a large scale of campus and devoted students from various cultural background, this school looks to have fabulous condition to study sustainability and agriculture. The school tour was concise but full of majestic facilities that I have never seen, like gigantic plantation of bananas, recycle of wastes and especially punchbag! That was one of the most creative agriculture style with using only mixture of three components to create enough soil for the crop without using any land space. This just reminded me news that some company experimentally started to plant crops in vertical walls. Considering the fact that many countries have problem with small landmass to start agriculture, it might be the best way to enhance agricultural system in developing countries to have planting systems that require less to no landmass.

Oh speaking of plantation, the bananas at dining hall were delicious. I hear it is from the plantation, and some crops in EARTH university were sold in outside. It is the best way to involve in local communities and relate to agricultures by producing foods. I wish Whittier College could have plantations to learn about connection between food producers and consumers.

One thing that really impressed me were how students from different countries were passionated about what they are working on right now and what they will be in the future. They love studying agriculture, environmental science and sustainability to help out their countries in the future. For me, I was kind of jealous about how happy they could talk about what they are planning to do in the future. I hope I can find such thing in my future. Listening to these motivated people brought me some interests about study sustainability in my country, because as they say, it is the basic of country and without it, there are no way out to develop anything in the country.


Anyway, I’m super exhausted and in the meantime, very excited about tomorrow’s workshop about banana production. Chao!

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