Eco-Lodge: WE MADE IT! PHEW!

Wow! We just arrived to the Guayabo Eco-Lodge in Turiallba, and boy is it amazing! This cozy little lodge is nuzzled in the rolling hills and is known for its environmental protection policies and business ethics. The lodge is colorful and decorated with designs, cultural paintings and furniture, and surrounded by flowers and greenery. Looking out from the balconies you can see the plantations that grow coffee and sugar cane near by. We just arrived here, but I already love it!


The rain is coming down a little harder right now and the fog has rolled in, keeping us mostly in doors for the evening. However, we c see. Like Maddie mentioned yesterday in round table discussion, most people don’t know where their food comes from. It was very eye opening to see the actual process from growth, to production, to distribution. I want to explore more details about food growth and production processes, as well as workers rights and wages that are involved in these processes.

Overall Earth University left a really good impression on me, and I enjoyed our last day on campus. I was very excited, however, to move to our next destination! I just didn’t know it would be such a bumpy ride: P I can’t wait for tomorrow’s activity!


Pura Vida,


Maggie Niemann

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