Emma-Ching ‘Biological Forests, Bananas and More’

In terms of animal sightings and capturing  them on my camera  it has been perhaps one of the best moments in my young adult life, considering I am in this study abroad program with my best friend as well. Taking photographs of sloths, and entering the humid La Selva Biological  preserve while seeing other tourists, researchers, wildlife photographers, nature enthusiasts and the like in the area made me realize just how popular, essential, beautiful,  and powerful Costa Rica’s ecosystems are to the rest of the world as well.To the rest of the world as well.

Going to Dole’s  Banana plantation and factory process and having Carlos as our guide was very informative in agricultural procedures  ( not to mention this guy was hilarious and I caught him on video ).  We received history, a tour, and even had the chance to participate in a cutting and scientific explanation on how clone bananas are grown, culture, nurtured, classified/standardized, packaged and released and to whom as well.  He even gave us the fun fact that Sweden is the number one consumer of Costa Rica’s bananas in the world.

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