Emma-Ching ‘Last morning at the Ranch, and Costa Rican Winds’

(Sat Jan 14) The last breakfast we had at Rancho Margot lead me to have some thoughts. It’s been seven days here in Costa Rica, and for whatever the reason may be, I keep on having feelings of wanting to stay connected with this country even after we get back to the States. Perhaps it is because we are doing so well – students have befriended each other, there hasn’t been any unfortunate events that cannot be solved, and each day reveals more insight into the eco friendly and sustainable practices. For lunch today I tried their style of hamburger and fries, and it was quite healthy. Most of the students decided to zip line through the mountains today, but I would rather spend this day to relax at the Fonda Vela Hotel. I would have to say though… this is probably the least eco friendly hotel we have stayed at so far. It is quite westernized.

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