Our days in Costa Rica as a group have come to an end but we sure did end with a great day. 

We started our day after a wonderful nights sleep at the Park Inn hotel. Then we went to University for Peace. At the university we toured around and learned more about what they do. The University for Peace is mostly a graduate school. They have different masters programs in law, environmental science and Spanish. They are a school under the UN but they are a separate  entity which means that they could make their own decisions about how they run the University. 

The dean and a professor both spoke to us about the classes and the way they are taught. Overall from all that I heard I am very interested in the University as a masters program. 

After that we went to a quaint restaurant and had a different kind of rice than what I’ve had in all my days in Costa Rica. It reminded me of fried rice. After that we went to see how sugar is made. The sugar cane juice is super sweet and I prefer the actual sugar cane. It was nice to se Jehan finally get his sugar cane juice. Lastly we went to Gerardo’s mask shop where we learned more about traditional Costa Rican masks and how they are used. 

I would like to thank everybody for making this trip amazing! Thank you to Adrianna and Beto, both professors for their immense patience and understanding. Thank you and see you all back at Whittier. 

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