Final day!

Today we had a very good breakfast at the park inn. Afterwards we headed over to the university of peace. Here we had a talk about all of the things the school stands for from the Dean and faculty giving us their input on everything. It was very informative and it was actually relieving to see how many people had graduated from there and actually got on to make a difference. Afterwards we saw some monuments some animals by a lake and we were on our way to Lunch.  It was a very quaint little restaurant in the rice was actually very good.

After that we went to see how sugarcane was produced and ended the day in a very weird place.  A Man that makes clay masks was the last stop on our journey.  They were very weird but lovable at the same time and some of us even got to dance around in them.


We ended the day by going back to our hotel and presenting on our projects.  Unfortunately I missed the goodbye dinner but it was a great trip.

Jose E. Romero

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