Fluorescent forest

Day 2 with no rain! I couldn’t be more ecstatic because I really loathe precipitation. I also discovered I left my coat and sweater back at the lodge so I don’t know how I’m going to make it back to NY in one piece or explain this unfortunate event to my mom. This morning we had a beautiful breakfast then took off to our next destination which just so happened to be Trimbina rainforest reserve. It had one if the longest suspension bridges in all of Costa Rica (which was absolutely terrifying). We learned about walking palm trees and saw worker and soldier ants, thankfully no bullet ants. Our guide was really fun and bubbly she really kept me interested and it was also much breezier and calming than yesterday as well as less strenuous so I didn’t become as nauseous (we also ate after not before). I was able to buy gifts for my brother, friend and best friends daughter. We then went to eat and lunch was pretty enjoyable. I’m currently missing a beautiful hike(3:52pm), sickle-Cell wins again☹️I truly wish I could get rid of this disease. All my classmates are probably seeing the beauty and although I don’t like nature I would love to be able to experience it with my classmates who I have also become very close with as this class is going by. I began having pain in my lower back & it was all downhill from there (literally I ended up down the hill and back at the bus). We have arrived at the Ranch and the rooms are ATROCIOUS!! I understand I sound privileged but I can’t live like this WHATSOEVER. There has been a solution but it’s pricy. Wish it could be added to the trip expenses.

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