Flying Through the Clouds!

Today was more than enjoyable, it was an absolute blast! Well, not all of it was quite a blast. Our class got the day started with a long and tiresome bus ride from Rancho Margot to Monteverde, by way of a long dirt road that was treacherous. There were some beautiful views of Lake Arenal on our way to Monteverde however. For a bathroom break we stopped at a small cafe on the way, where the views were astonishing and the food was delicious. I had a macadamia nut banana muffin which was great. After three very long hours we finally reached Monteverde and arrived at our lunch stop.



Following lunch we were on our way to go zip-lining near the Cloud Forest Reserve! Monteverde is famous for their Cloud Forest Reserves which have far-reaching and complex ecosystems. This was my second time zip-lining, so I was really excited to give it another go. The zip-lining was amazing and we went straight through the forest which was breathtaking. At one point, we flew right through the clouds as we reached an elevation of around 4100 ft. Times like these are what you look back upon and appreciate, the zip-lining experience did not have to do much with my environmental science studies and education but it was a definite highlight of this trip so far; and it was also a time I enjoyed together with all of my classmates.

Everyone was filled with joy and adrenaline when we finished zip-lining, and I could assuredly say I was not the only who had fun, after we were done we headed to our hotel, Fonda Vela. I finished the day on a high-note, watching one of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen with my friends, it was something you do not get to experience back home when you are busy and in the midst of the hustle and bustle. This was a really nice experience to just relax and enjoy this time with my peers. To finish our day we had a buffet-style dinner at the hotel which was fantastic, and my roommate and I played a fun game of cards. I would call today a success, 100%, a success. 


– Jehan

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