The best highlight of this trip!

It was a beach day at Isla Tortuga, a small island little far off from Gulf of Nicoya. The boat was so fancy! It has a small bar, a little pool with great services of food and drinks. The view from the boat was absolutely dynamic. We did Banana boat and Snorkeling as activities. Snorkeling is always tough but great opportunity to see the biodiversity of the place. I could see various small fish and little octopus. But more importantly, the ocean was amazingly beautiful, not like the color but i did not see a lot of flotsam. Maybe the stuffs cleaned them up just because it was a beach place and bunch of tourists visit, but it is necessary to keep the ocean clean in order to sustain the biodiversity of it. In some Asian islands or oceans, it becomes a serious issue that large animals such as turtles or birds accidentally eat the flotsam and die due to lack of oxygens or side effect of whatever the thing is. When I was a child, I decided to protect a wonderful ocean and species there that can make people smile and exciting. I don’t know about my future yet, but it’s still living in my heart.

Tomorrow is my last day at Costa Rica. San Jose is waiting for us.

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