Fun in the clouds 

Fun in the clouds 
Today we had a day of travel and fun. We left Rancho Margot straight after breakfast and had a stop along the way. We stopped at a lovely rest stop with a gorgeous view. I had a mango smoothie and an amazing chocolate cookie that was more like a brownie. We were traveling to Monteverde where we saw wind turbines and Adrianna explained that wind energy makes up very little of the energy that Costa Rica produces but none the less it contributes to clean energy. She also mentioned that the beautiful lake that we passed was man made. 
After having delicious lunch at a small restaurant in town we went to Sky to zip line. It was incredible to zip line! I don’t think we can thank Adrianna enough for setting this up for us! Compared to my past experience with zip lining this one felt more safe and it was more thrilling to fly through the Rainforest. 
Also I am extremely grateful for the amazing place we are staying at today. The view is gorgeous! I don’t think anybody has any complaints.  

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