Go Bananasssss!!!

I thought yesterday was amazing but it just keeps getting better and better. It didn’t rain the ENTIRE time we were out as well as the drive to our first stop was almost 3 hours so I was well rested. I loved learning so much about bananas from Carlos at Dole banana plantation. That had to be the highlight of the day. He was so fun and animated he could have been a professor, all the students would be awake. I didn’t feel really good when we were in the jungle but as soon as we ended up at Dole farm I felt much better. It was not only engaging but exciting. 2 very scary bridges we had to cross today 3 times (once more tomorrow) and I even got a look at a real ant colony, it reminded me a lot of one of my favorite movies ANTZ (oops there goes another rubber tree plant, cuz he’s got HIGH HOPES). For the first time I would have felt bad about killing one because they were actually working and even carrying leaves on their back just to return to the colony.

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  1. Debra Murray

    Glad you are learning about bananas Anika, I heard they are great source of Vitimin. Great learning Anika.


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