Goodbye Costa Rica

Well, here it is. The last blog post, the last night, the last hoorah. I already miss my Costa Rica crew, even though we haven’t even left the hotel yet.

Today, we woke up for breakfast and headed straight for the University of Peace. It was nestled away into a protected area of San Jose, about 10 minuets away from any city like area. We started by touring the University, it was amazing! The campus was clean, beautiful, and had a lot of historical monuments. One of the interesting landmarks, was the semi-cicrle of flags, that represented the countries whom originally singed to support the University. I found many things to be influential about this place. From the United Nations base, to the graduate programs; this university made a significant impact on me. I would even like to look into studying here, after Whittier.

From here, we had a traditional lunch of rice, salad, and chicken. After this we went to visit a small sugar cane producer and his family. We were able to see how the sugar cane juice is produced into different products, and still practiced in a old style fashion. We later made our way to a mask makers home, to see his traditional masks. He was very ethusiastic about how he makes his masks, and he emphasized how he keeps to the traditional values of his craft. At the end of this, we got to try on the masks and dance with his family. It was very fun 🙂

Tonight we had our farewell dinner, which was quite bitter sweet. I am really going to miss Adriana-our lively tour guide, Beto- our silly bus driver, and the entire team of this Costa Rica trip. I made so many new friends on this trip, and everyone pledges to keep in touch after we leave this country. We all know Whittier is small, however, it will never be quite the same. We were in paradise, learning about topics that each and every one of us were genuinly interested in. This group of scholars has so many bright, colorful, and determined minds. We have club Vice Presidents, athletes, musicians, and so many more inspiring minds; that all had the same passion for this trip we embarked on. I learned so much more about sustainability and conservation than I ever would’ve imagined. I learned about culture,traditions, and different walks of life. I got this amazing hands on experience, in one of the most diverse progressive countries in the world. Could life be any sweeter?

I am ready for the spring semester, more encouraged than before about academic and personal ventures. Thank you Costa Rica, for bringing me new knowledge, new friends, and a new outlook on life.

Signing off for a final time,

Pura Vida my familia!

Maggie Niemann

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