Hello, It’s Me!

Hello study abroad team! My name is Maggie Niemann, I am currently a junior here at Whittier College. I am really excited to be taking this Jan Term class abroad in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, and when I changed my major to sustainable development, the class happened to fit perfectly. Outside of my interest in environmental protection, I am a full time aspiring singer and song writer. I’ve always loved music and performing, however; my drive to promote social, environmental, and economic sustainability has recently become a very big part of my life as well. Fun Fact: I haven’t been out of the country in about 10 years! This is one of the many reasons I’m eager to immerse myself in the culture and activities we will be learning about on this trip.

I’m very fun loving, social, and introspective. I hope to learn more about my classmates and the people of Costa Rica, making this abroad trip something I can share with those around me. I’m very excited to experience this trip, not quite sure exactly what to expect yet! I know it’ll be great though!

Anyways, really looking forward to learning, laughing, and embarking on this trip with ya’ll 🙂

Below is a hyperlink of my Cozy Concert from a few weeks ago and a picture of a painting I created for World Water Day! Check it out!


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