Hikes, the town, and feel good stories

Today we started the day off with a relaxing hike and tour of the Monte Verde reserve. The reserve was short but sweet. We went up to see the waterfall and it was beautiful. I love seeing all the biodiversity and different types of plant species because they all serve a different role in their ecosystem. We learned about the epi-fight and how plants will grow above others and they will absorb the moisture and help with the precipitation of Monte Verde. 

We then continued to a delicious lunch. I had the best spaghetti of my life it was amazing!! After lunch we had free time to go out into town for an hour and I bought a couple things and it was a nice relaxing evening. We then visited Malvin Rockwell, a man of Quaker beliefs who came to Costa Rica to avoid getting drafted into war because it went against his beliefs. He is a 94 year old man and even at his age he was so smart and sharp. We learned about his entire life story. When he came to Costa Rica he actually founded Monte Verde with a small group of friends which then turned into a whole town. He met his wife, had children, and lived a beautiful life. It was very heartwarming to hear his story. I actually started to tear up when he showed us a picture of all of his kids in the back of the car smiling at the picture. It was just such a feel good story 🙂 

Tonight after dinner I met up with my group partners and went over our digital story. We changed the plot and focus points so it should be more cohesive and flow better. Tomorrow we will have a beach day and I am super excited for it! 

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  1. Gee

    So enjoying your blog. When we were in CR in early 1990’s couldn’t get to Pacific. No roads and no place to stay. Have fun.


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