Hummingbirds and souvenirs and Quakers, OH MY!

So far Monteverdè has been one of my top favorite towns, if not my number one favorite. Waking up this morning to the open view overlooking the north west Pacific Ocean was amazing. Breakfast was delightful, I had the usual pineapples and granola. 

We promptly took off to another biological reserve, that was a brisk 10 minuet walk away. The first place we happened upon, was the hummingbird feeding area. We got to see at least 4 different breeds of hummingbirds up close and personal. It was awesome. 

The biological reserve was similar to the others that we’ve been to, and got a CSI rating of 3 outta 5. We took a quick hike to a waterfall on one of the reserves trails. Learning about the vegetation differences and similarities to that of the wildlife in the US, cause my to compare and contrast what we were learing out. 

After the reserve, we ate a filling lunch at an Italian restaurant on the way to the small little downtown area of Monteverdè . I was so happy to have found a Yamaha piano at the first gift shop we went into. It was so nice to get my hands on an instrument for the first time in weeks. Got to sing a little too. 

We finished our downtown exploration, and headed to our talk with the Qauker, Marvin Rockwell. We sat in an intimate setting, and listened to him tell the story of how he migrated to Costa Rica from the US. Refusing to hold a weapon in World War II, he was trained as a medical doctor and took his teachings back to the Monteverdè colony. There he created a cheese factory, built a local educational system, and founded the colony of Monteverdè with his other colony members. Costa Rica gave him a new home, a wife, children, and much more. His story  full of courage, love, and pura vida! 

Another great day, did I mention I love the dinner at this hotel?!

Pura Vida!

Maggie Niemann 

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