I lava the hikes we take?

This morning we started our day off with visiting Tirimbina, a biological station with the craziest bridges and most beautiful scenery. 

Our tour guide, Carolina, told us that tirimbina is one of the most biodiverse regions with over 1000 butterfly species, over 1000 plant species, bats, mammals, and even pumas! To cross into the rainforest we had to pass through a crazy wobbly dangling bridge and it was one of the most exhilarating yet scary moments! It was about an hour maybe 2 of touring through the rainforest and we saw various different root systems and plants and even saw a bat at the end of the journey! We learned a lot about ant colonies and how their system works. We learned that the worker ants carry the leaves into the colony and munch on it and the mix of saliva and leaf births a type of fungus that they feed on. Apparently that type of fungus is only found in the colonies. It is so refreshing to walk through nature and observe the whole ecosystem work together to survive it’s really amazing. 

We then continued to Arenal Volcano National Park to hike thorugh the mountain. Hiking at this location made me realize how out of shape I really am? we had these hiking sticks that actually really helped with going up. As usual it was such a beautiful view that the hike up made it worth it. Adriana showed us a lava rock that had fallen on the pathway and it has been there for years, it is like a historic structure now. I just love the hikes we take so much and the rain I wish I could stay here forever. It’s truly paradise. 

I wanted to insert a picture of me with with my hiking stick (I named him Stanley) but the internet won’t let me upload any pictures so I will try again tomorrow to post the pictures! 

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