Kim and Nancy Take Costa Rica 2017


My name is Kimberly Olivares. I am a senior double majoring in Psychology and Political Science.I know that its about to be day two here in Costa Rica but I felt the need to introduce myself here in this blog even though I have already introduced myself in person to many of peers. 

I had the opportunity to arrive in Costa Rica a few days earlier and have experienced many of the wonderful tourist attractions that this country has to offer. I arrived to Costa Rica on Tuesday and jumped straight into a few days of adventuring. It was sunny and hot and beautiful yet I’m not surprised that it no longer is because I was warned by every single Tico (nickname that Costa Rican have for themselves) that I met that the weather was crazy. It could be raining one second and sunny the next.

As mentioned before the last few days for me were very exciting and filled with adventures with my sister Nancy who accompanied me on the earlier days of this trip. We did zip lining, waterfall rappelling, and river rafting. It was all incredible! I must admit it was a bit scary but none the less an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

You can’t really see me but this is me going down the “catarata” waterfall.

I’m afraid I’ve become that person who does not stop talking about all the things they have done, not to brag but just wanting to share. i want to share these experiences because they are so amazing and I feel that by repeating them over and over again I will never forget the sensation of flying through the rain forest, or paddling for my life when we got stuck in one of the rapids on the river.

So far I am in love with this country. I love that there is green every where!! I love the people I’ve met so far. They have been so polite, helpful and kind. I am so super excited to learn more about the green that currently surrounds us and how to maybe bring back some of that green to my lovely grey concrete city of Los Angeles.

I’m ready for our next adventure!!


This is me river rafting, again you can’t really see me because I’m wearing the GoPro on my head. It was an awesome experience highly recommend it. The people you see in the video are Greta an amazing woman who could speak I think she said Spanish, English, French and German, the Man and woman on the other side were Max and Leah a French couple, and lastly my sister Nancy. I would have never thought in my life time that I would be having a conversation with a French couple in Spanglish because they did not fully understand one language or the other. And I think its just one of the many interesting conversations I will have in this trip.

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