Le Finale

The last full day! I’m going to miss everyone so much! The day began with a nice breakfast. Afterward we proceeded to the University of peace. It is one of the UN institutions and in what better of a place than Costa Rica who has abolished their military. After a small tour of the campus we got to talk with two of the members including the Dean of the University. There were many programs involving human right and sustainable development. Programs were also u English but they were working on truly being an all encompassing institution and incorporating Spanish as well. After that we went to have a traditional lunch and visit a sugar cane farm. I personally love sugar cane. There’s so many things that can be made with it including sugar water, sugar cane juice, a tea like water, sugar, and much more. This entire trip illuminated how truly sustainable Costa Rica is as a country. The US had to catch up. We also went to learn about Costa Rican traditions with El Encanto de la Piedra Blanca. A man with a lot of pride in his country had created paper machete masks and figures. His family even did a dance for us and allowed some of my classmates to dance along wearing costumes. We returned to the hotel, finished up our projects to present and spent the night playing cards and laughing the night away. I will really miss this class.

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