London in San Jose?!

Wow can’t believe it’s almost midnight! After a slight delay headed out of LAX, we arrived in San Jose at 5pm local time. The bridge (also the short way) to the hotel was closed for repairs, so we took an hour long detour around the outside of the city, which was pretty neat. We arrive at the hotel around 6:30, dropped our bags and headed to dinner. It was SO nice to have some real food! After dinner, a bunch of the group went out to explore the town. Following Adrianna (our guide)’s recommendation, we checked out the Corner Pub. It had this really neat room at the back called the London Room, which had a bar and plenty of seats for people to hang out.

Tomorrows a big day and we’re headed out pretty early (breakfast at 6:30am!), so a number of us called it a night pretty early. I can’t wait to get to know this group of people and to see even more of Costa Rica. Rumor has it we’re even going to be given the chance to zip line!!!

An aside: my goal for this trip is to see a sloth. Stay tuned to see if my dreams come true!!


Gif: “Tina Belcher from Bobs Burgers” by YourPrincess97 via Reddit

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