Michelle Hillman


My name is Michelle and I am a senior studying psychology. This is my first time studying abroad and my first time leaving the country alone. I plan to travel across Europe with my fiance after I graduate in May. I joined this study abroad class on a whim after reading the email about JanTerm Trips. I was definitely not planning on going abroad because I like to stay close to my family and I wanted to wait to travel after I graduate. I’ve lived in Cerritos all of my life until I came to Whittier College and moved into an apartment close by with my sister who also attends WC. My freshman year I pledged into the Athenian Society and gained such incredible friendships with girls that are now my sisters. I have three biological sisters at home who are all growing up so fast. My eldest sister just got married in November, my baby sister moved to Arizona for school, and my other sister is becoming a professional makeup artist

My family and I have gone on many vacations and adventures that allow us to experience new things together. Besides traveling, I love to go to concerts, cook, and be creative. I have been to dozens of concerts and each one was individually amazing. I also volunteer at an after school daycare for Illumination Foundation tutoring and watching homeless kids.I plan to find a career helping homeless families or people who are struggling. I spend a lot of my time either with my fiance or with my 4 best friends from high school going on random adventures around the city. Over Christmas break my boyfriend proposed to me in front of all of my family so we have been very excited to start planning for our future. I am usually always in a happy mood and tend to have a positive attitude. I like to meet new people and try to really take the time to understand their views and who they are. I am super excited to explore Costa Rica and experience a new way of life.

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