My Bananas Come from Where??

Today David took us back to the Banana Plantation that we had seen yesterday on our walk to waste disposal. It was interesting to actually see how they transport the bananas from the actual plantation to the place where they would then process and clean them. Its a very creative method in which they hang the whole stem with all the banana bunches and mechanically transport them on a hanging line.

I found it curious to know that the bananas from the plantation were not organic however I understand the need for the country to demand banana plantations to use some kind of pesticide to protect other plantations.

Once we went to the processing place, I think that it was nice to see that the workers have music to listen to. When i think of field workers, I think of the people in Northern California who work in very bad conditions of either heat or cold. Thus it was nice to see that the conditions in which these workers were working in were not bad and decent. Usually when a company goes to a different country to use the workers there they exploit them. David told us that the workers prefer working in the EARTH University plantation because they give a bit more money and they have other benefits.

I sincerely hope that other plantations at least provide decent treatment for their workers.


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