Never a Dole moment

Yesterday I thought it would be one of my favorite days, being able to visit a coffee plantation. Alright I did have fun and enjoyed learning about how everything works, I would have to say today has earned its spot at the top of my list of favorite things on this trip. 

We were very lucky to get an awesome tour guide, Carlos! Not only was he able to give endless information about the plantation and the life cycle of bananas, but he was able to add a plentiful amount of humor. He made the trip to the plantation that much more exciting. 

The plantation itself was bigger than I expected. There are about 120 workers that work on the plantation a day. And about half of them work with the banana plants. (Banana plants, not trees)

Carlos gave us a brief demonstration of how the bananas are cut, moved, washed, and packaged. It’s always intriguing to see ‘behind the scenes’. 

Carlos also added the fact the number 3 played a big role the banana world. I thought that was funny because I was told as a child to peel my bananas into 3 peels. But I did not think that the number 3 would fit into more cateragiries. It felt like everything he talked about, whether it be how many ways a tree can grow, how many reasons they had for something or anything else, the number was 3. 

The dole banana plantation visit is one I will never forget. And on a side note, banana liquor was very tasty!!!

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