No espresso makes Josh depresso

Before the trip started, I had certain things that I was looking forward to. One of which being, drinking the fresh coffee. I started the day by having 4 cups of coffee at Guayabo Lodge. This was just in preparation for the trip to the coffee farm.

When we got to the coffee plantation it was much smaller than I had imagined. Not only did I imagine a bigger plantation, I was pictures rows of coffee bean trees that were on flat ground. Instead, what was there was a small, wet, and sloped area that was covered in plants and trees. I was not to sure as to why it was set up like that. I even asked myself if we were at the coffee plantation yet?

We got off the bus and was able to walk on the actual grounds where the coffee beans are grown. We walked single file on a muddy, very slippery, ground to see the plants. Our guide explained that the flowers covered the ground for an actual purpose. It covered the rich soil in order for the nutrients to be protected from being washed away. But the plants also has its cons. It allowed for insects to come for food, and bigger predators eat the insects, leading the rodents to eat the insects, then evidently brings snakes. And we were actually able to see a snake at the plantation.

After the tour and explanation of the coffee production, we were able to sample some of their coffee. And it was so fresh and delicious. So I obviously had to buy a few bags to take home!!!

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