Not the kind of medicine I’m looking for tonight…

The first thing I check out when I get to a hotel room is the view, after that has either captivated or diminished my degree of uppity, I scan the room adventurously checking out what annemities are provided.

After arriving to the first hotel, I was shocked to see that the hotel filled this mini-fridge with alcohol leaving little room for anything that I would wish to add.  I appreciate their enthusiasm for my stay, but the days before this one I have been experiencing a cold and this is not the medicine I desire tonight.

My desired fridge would contain:

  • Fresh fruit (local novelties preferred)
  • Juice selection (preferably not from concentrate)
  • Guacamole with a hint of lime
  • Salsa with a scream of yummy
  • Annnnd ice cream. Magical ice cream that could be refrigerated instead of frozen, since frozen isn’t an option.

I recommend that Park Inn Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica gets to understand their foreign customers’ wants to improve enticement of their offered products.

But since none of this will really happen, I’ll daydream in my sleep.

Goodnight Costa Rica gang,

See you in the morning bright and early?





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