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Today was one of the best days of our entire Costa Rica trip!!!

it started with a nice adventure to Caite. This is one of the most innovative post graduate schools in Costa Rica. With classes and an emphasis on research both the students and professors accomplish much during their time there. What really surprised me was the difference between the American graduate system and the CAITE one. The professors are researchers and are not even appointed as teachers to the students. Therefore, teaching does not come easy to them and sometimes the students suffer because of this. Though they gain the rewards when research and thesis time comes. Afterwards we stopped at a cocoa plant where they grew and harvested cacoa.

After this came the part of the trip that will forever be a highlight! We went to a farm Finca Monte Carlo. After a delicious BBQ lunch we visited the farm animals. It has been many years since I even saw a pig, horse, or sheep. And it was such an enjoyable experience. I spent the whole time touching this majestic black horse, and petting the slobbery pigs.

All the while this shaggy dog was accompanying the group as well. Soon after we were done at the farm we all went to the coffee fields. At this place they grew, picked, opened, and dried the coffee beans. They also packed and sent them off to be sold as well. It was a truly ruling process taking a regular coffee bean to the coffee we all know and love. Farmers have a very difficult job. Our day ended soon after and we all relaxed back at the lodge we have all become so accustom to.

Jose E. Romero


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